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Packaging Tips

The products you have transported for you are at the heart of your business. You cannot risk them arriving at their destination in anythhing less than perefect condition so you need to know as much as possible abot how to package them for transport and delivery. Any given package can be handled by machine or by hand several times on it's journey to or from your premises, so you need to be sure that your packaging is of the highest possible quality to ensure safe delivery.

Here at Wheeler Packaging we have put together a short list of hints and tips for you to refer to when packaging your goods:

  1. Packaging strength - ensure that your packaging can withstand the weight of other items potentially being piled on top of it whilst remaining tough and secure. Use the strongest material you can such as our double-walled cardboard boxes and fill as much of the interior packaging space as you can, for example with our >Ecoflo loose-fill packaging solution. This will also help to stabilise the items within your package.
  2. Label correctly and clearly - ensure delivery name and address details are unambiguous and clearly displayed. Use our self-adhesive ‘Documents Enclosed’ wallets to attach delivery paperwork to the outside of your package. Always ensure address labels are fixed to the top of the package as these packages are more likely to then be transported the right way up!
  3. To help avoid damage in transit, ensure that your package has been sealed with a good quality adhesive tape. Our strong crossweave tape will help to ensure your cartons and boxes don't collpase from the base whilst on the move.
  4. Padded envelopes and bags are invaluable for the delivery of smaller objects, awkward shaped and sharp objects. We carry a wide range of such items in a variety of sizes and styles.
  5. Bundle smaller packages securely into a larger container. This wll help them to protect each other in transit and will often reduce overall delivery costs at the same time.
  6. When you have large documents or sheets to be delivered, consider our postal tube range. These sturdy cardboard tubes with snug-fit end caps come in a range of sizes and will protect your rolled documents in transit.
  7. Ensure that any fragile products are clearly marked as such. Always ensure that you or your delivery company have adequate insurance cover for your goods always use appropriate internal packaging such as bubble-wrap or loose-fill to ensure they do not touch the sides of your boxes or indeed, each other whilst in transit. Use tape or other stickers to clearly display the fact that the package contains fragile items.
  8. Always check with your delivery company before despatching any liquids for trasnport. Many companies will refuse to carry liquids due to potential risks involved.
  9. Sometimes you need to call in the experts. Perhaps you have a large qauntity of goods to pack, or some awkward requirements needing a bespoke solution. We offer a number of bespoke services as well as on-site packing if needed. Call us for more details.
  10. If you have any special packaging requirements or require wholesale quantities, call us on 01285 810229 or email us and we will do our best to help.

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