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Plywood Battened Cases

Plywood battened cases are made up of plywood panels in a variety of thicknesses and grades. Timber battens are nailed onto the plywood, to fix the case together. The timber battens will also add strength to the case where flex can occur in the ply panels but this will often depend on the thickness of the ply being used.

The base will often be a Timber pallet base 2WE or 4WE but these can also consist of a plywood base with timber bearers. All Timber used is ISPM15 compliant (heat treated).

The sides and ends of the cases can be pre-nailed up leaving only the lid loose ready for packing, or a side could be screwed for ease of access. There are other options available for these cases depending on your requirements.

We will be more than happy to discuss this product with you or you can email our sales team regarding this product. Please contact us with your specific enquiry or send any relevant information to info@wheelerpackaging.co.uk and we will be happy to see how we can resolve your packaging needs.