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Bespoke Cases

We Design And Manufacture Bespoke Packaging For a Variety of Industries

At Wheeler Packaging Ltd we are well established in the design and manufacture of bespoke Plywood Battened Cases, Plywood Riveted Cases, Timber Cases and Timber Pallets. We select the most appropriate materials for your bespoke case taking into consideration the item being packed (shape, size, weight and environmental conditions, etc,.). This could mean the item makes use of a foil bag. This bag will come in two parts: a base sheet and a bag so your item can be placed on the sheet inside its required case with the bag then placed over the item. The whole is then sealed with a bitumen tape, leaving a small opening enabling you to vacuum out the contained air. Silica gel bags would also be placed inside the foil bag before sealing.

For any rounded machinery requiring support inside the timber and plywood cases, timber and plywood cradles, with or without a padded foam top can be made for a secure fit. Many people often opt for their cardboard boxes with a supported timber base. There are various styles of box in different board grades with a supported lightweight or heavy duty timber pallet base. This is also an option with our standard palletised containers where a cardboard cap, tray and sleeve supplied with a timber pallet.

We can also supply cardboard boxes in various sizes, styles and board grade. You can even personalise your cardboard boxes by adding your own print or company logo.

Protective Packaging

For your specific item housed inside a wooden or cardboard case. We offer various solutions depending on the item. Many of our bespoke cases will often contain timber frame support work where required and could also make use of a protective Polyethylene foam. These foams can be cut to suit your industrial machine or as Presentation inserts. The foam can be used in any case or cardboard box for a great snug fit.

Many other types of foam are available such as a 100% biodegradable & compostable foam material. This is a corn starch based foam material, which is naturally anti-static and multi-shock capable.

Please contact us with your specific enquiry or send any relevant information to info@wheelerpackaging.co.uk and we will be happy to see how we can resolve your packaging needs.